Heavy texture already on walls:  This is for textured walls that resemble “continents” on a
map,or any texture that is smoothed out.  If you have textured walls that have points to
them, this will not work.

With so many new houses putting up heavy textures , you will be fighting yourselves trying
some of the techniques on heavy textured walls.   With this technique we use the existing
texture to your advantage.
This is a variation of the colorwash, but must be used on a basecoat with a sheen, it cannot be
done on a flat coated wall- you will not be able to move( or remove)
the paint at all.

You could use the ragging or a few other techniques but you will get a very different look as
the wall seems to dictate what the paint will do.
But after reading all this believe me this looks great, up-to-date, and very attractive. It gives
the old world style without much effort!

This is a very simple finish but PLEASE READ all instructions first as the technique and tips
are important.
With your walls properly prepared:
Materials needed:
Roller and tray
Flat carwash sponge( purchased at any drug or hardware store)
Bucket of water
2" - 3" brush (can be a
chip brush)
Latex gloves

Put on latex gloves, and dropcloth  down.                                                 
Mix the glaze 4-1,that means 4 parts glaze to 1 part paint.
Brush or roll out glaze in crisscross
direction, covering a section approx. 3' x

Wait approximately 2-3 minutes.
The longer you wait (within the 2-3)
minutes the deeper contrast in paint you
will have.
Low humidity areas 1-2 minutes
will suffice
. Any longer than this and you
probably will not be able to take the paint
off at all!

Dip your sponge into pail of water, wring
out well.
Wipe off areas that are raised, leaving the
glaze in the recessed areas. Wipe with the
sponge flat so you remove just the raised
 TIP: Wipe off edges first as
they will dry first, then go to middle.

Wring sponge out periodically.

When brushing on each new section, brush
up to 3" next to the previously glazed
area, then when wiping off glaze just blend,
or take  the paint to the previous line.   

TIP: Again important to wipe off the edges
Don't be afraid to use two colors with this finish, you can create a look very unique to your decor!
You can see in this picture how the paint
will automatically stay in the recessed (or
lower parts) of the wall .

You are using the existing texture to make
a new look without even trying!
If you are good with watching the time, you can brush ahead of yourself.   What this means is brush out
1 or 2 sections ahead of the one you are waiting to dry.  By the time you have waited for the first to set,
the second will be ready to wipe off.   Better if you have a second person to go ahead of you and brush
out and then you wash off.
The result is quite appealing, almost an "old world"
look to it without paying the high prices for one.
Don't try and fight an already textured wall, USE IT!
This technique works only on base walls done in at least an eggshell or
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        Want the old world look but don't have a textured wall?
Create your own with joint compound.  I used this method in the background of the first main pages!
Apply a slow setting joint compound with a plaster knife working a 3' x 3' section at a time. (If compound is too
thick add small amounts of water). Apply using a sweeping motion in a random pattern overlapping each application.
The finish should be uneven, this is a desired effect. Continue over entire wall until complete. Dry overnight.
Primer wall. Paint the base coat and bingo- you have a textured wall ready for this application.